Welcome to the Science of Coaching Squash!

This site is a portal to resources related to the science of coaching squash. The purpose of this site is to identify and publish links to sources of information related to the science of squash, including but not limited to technical, tactical, physical and mental training. Contributions are welcome from both coaches and sport scientists.

Contact Tim Bacon if you would like to post an article or link: squashscience@gmail.com

Some highlights of Tim’s Coaching Education background:

  • Lecturered in Smith College’s M.Sc. in Sports Coaching program from 1999 – 2015 teaching ALL areas of sport science & coaching (physiology, psychology, pedagogy, leadership, etc.)
  • Level 4 Squash Canada Coach since 1988 – Canadian Jr. Nat. Men’s Coach 1990
  • Master Course Conductor and Level 4 presenter with the Coaching Association of Canada, Squash Canada, Racquetball Canada, and Tennis Canada, 1992 – 2003.
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 2008 – 2015.
  • Registered Mental Training Consultant since 1986 (Canadian Registry), one of 14 approved to work with Canadian National Teams (all sports).
  • M.A. in Coaching/Sport Psychology from University of Western Ontario 1987
  • Presenter at Squash Canada, World Squash Federation, International Tennis Federation, College Squash Association, U.S. Squash national coaching conferences, 1986 to present.
  • Head College Coach experience at University of Western Ontario (Interim Head Coach – (#1), McGill (#3), Smith College (#11 CSA 1996-98); personal coach to several female provincial, state and national age group champions.


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