Consult the following pages for more information on the types of consulting and training services available:

Mental Training

Strength & Conditioning

Video Tactical & Biomechanical Analysis

National Team Coaching

Coaching Education

Sport Science for Squash Camps

High School Coaching Certification

Since 1987 Tim Bacon has consulted with international and national level racquet sport athletes, coaches and National Sport Governing Bodies (NSGB). Many of the athletes and teams he has worked with have achieved world-rankings on the professional tour and won international competitions including the Olympics and World Championships. Tim has also written and developed coaching education materials for many NSGBs and associations including Squash Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada and U.S. Squash. He is currently on Faculty in the Department of Exercise & Sport Studies at Smith College, where he teaches Introduction to Coaching, Psychology of Sport, and Introduction to Exercise & Sport Studies as well as advising in the Graduate Program in Coaching.

Tim has a Master’s in Coaching and Sport Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and is a Certified Level 4 Squash Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Mental Training Consultant.

He is available for contract consulting with National teams and NSGBs as well as daily and hourly training sessions with teams and individual athletes. You can contact him at or on his mobile: 1-413-330-8222.

9 Responses to Consulting

  1. […] page is for students of Smith College’s ESS 220 – Psychology of Sport – taught by Tim Bacon. You can contact Tim at or […]

  2. Vivek says:

    Hi Tim
    Really a great site here.
    I did come across the Periodisation (Mental Training)
    I was wondering if you have any samples of at least a year’s periodization for beginner Squash athletes?
    If you have any samples, could you email me?
    Will be a great help!!

    Thank You

  3. kashif javed says:

    Hi Tim
    Really a great site here.
    I have a question regarding periodization if i start making annual plan from january and my main competition is in december than in which month i place active rest phase,could you email me?
    Will be a great help.
    Thank You

    • Tim Bacon says:

      Hi Kashif,

      According to Bompa (and I agree) you need a 4-6 week Transition (fun fitness activities) IMMEDIATELY following the major competition of the year (assuming you have been training long and hard for many months leading up to theajor competition).

      This may mean you need to miss some competitions, in order to “do things properly” – regenerate, avoid injury, mental rest, etc.

      So your training year should start on THAT date – not an arbitrary date unrelated to your training and competition (e.g. Jan. 1).

      Obviously, this “ideal” planning, in reality depends on your age, training state, level of competition, calendar of tournaments, etc.



  4. kashif javed says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thaks for your reply idealy if we make annual training plan in which major competition is on 15th of december and we have to start from 1st of january than how we plan for active rest(rehab).we give active rest before the main competition or after the competition e.g next years 4-6 weeks? And what about fitness testing dates 2 times in a year(at the start of the year and in pre competition phase)
    Thank you

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