Tactics First Course: Oct. 18 & Oct. 19, 2014

Saturday, October 18 (10-6):  Essential “Tactics First” Training for Squash Coaches  $149

Recent research has shown that for an open (tactical with many decisions) sport like squash a “Tactics First” approach produces smarter and more mentally tough athletes.  Coaches will learn how to use a tactical model (in this course the Zone model) to develop, deliver  and evaluate Tactics First training to their squash athletes. This course targets coaches working with developmental athletes (8-18) and coaches of players to a 5.0 skill level (U.S. rating system), and will include how to use Dartfish Easytag to help analyze tactics.

Sunday, October 19 (10-6):  Advanced “Tactics First” Training for Squash Coaches

In this course coaches will learn how to apply a second zone tactical model (Kevin Parker/Yvon Provencal’s “Egg” Model) to designing practices and evaluating mach play, and then be guided in how to develop their own tactical model of squash.  More advanced tactics and shots will be addressed, and will include how to use Dartfish Easytag to help analyze tactics.  This workshop is essentially the Coaching Association of Canada’s Level 4 Performance Analysis task.

Weekend Schedule:  Advanced Tactics for Coaches Schedule

Power Point Lecture on Squash Tactical Models:  Squash Tactical Models.pdf

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Course Related Links and Materials (Updated as we go)


Dartfish EasyTag:  Simple Panel Creation

Dartfish EasyTag:  Advanced Panel Creation

Dartfish EasyTag:  Importing Data (CSV file) into Excel


Ubsersense App Tutorials

Focus X2i App Tutorials



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