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Here are the links and downloads to Shahier Razik’s Squash Revolution sport science program that we did together at Wesleyan this summer – organized by Tim Bacon, M.A., Sport Science Consultant, Level 4 Squash Coach, and Assistant Coach to the Wesleyan University Men’s & Women’s Squash Team.

If you have any follow-up questions about the training we did or any of the links or handouts you can email Tim at timbacon@icloud.com.

Just click on the highlighted links below!

Movement Preparation – do this before every workout, practice or match:

Pre-habilitation (“Prehab”) – do these exercises at least 3 times a week on 3 separate days, or a little bit (10 min.) every day.  This includes your core and hamstring work.

Regeneration – do these 3 times a week or a little bit (10 min.) after every workout, practice or match.  Make sure to take at least one day a week (Sunday?) completely off.  More routines:

Foam Roller

Tennis Ball massage


TRX Strength Workouts – if you are under 18, body weight exercises, like we do with the stability ball, mini-bands, and TRX – in combination with actually playing and practicing squash are sufficient for keeping you strong for squash. You can visit www.trx.com for more information and workouts.

iCRAP –  the five basic mental skills:

  • relaxation
  • positive self-talk
  • activation
  • imagery (or visualization)
  • concentration

Here is a video of Tim and Wesleyan Coach Shona Kerr demonstrating the five mental skills in a quiet setting   and on-court .

Best & Worst Ever Match Analysis form – to help you play your best and learn from your experiences:  Squash Reflections Form

Squash Match Focus Plan form – to make sure you are organized and well prepared for your matches:  Squash Plan Form.

Squash Match Evaluation form – to help you analyze your matches and learn from your experiences:  squash-match-evaluation-form

Squash Goal form – to help you set SMART goals and work on the most important things to improve your squash.

Where can I buy basic fitness equipment? 

  • Five Below, TJMAXX, Marshall’s, Walmart
  • For mini-bands and a more professional quality equipment try www.performbetter.com .

TRX Functional Tools

For more information you can:

  • email Tim at timbacon@icloud.com
  • sign up for e-coaching with Tim (from $25/hour) on mental, physical training or video analysis of your technique or match play
  • follow Tim on Twitter:  @TimBacon_Strong – daily tweets on squash training & coaching
  • subscribe to this blog for notifications of new posts:  www.squashanalytics.com or just check back here from time to time.

Tim Bacon, M.A., CSCS is the world’s leading expert on racquet sport science and coaching development having taught all areas of sport science as both a Lecturer at Smith College and as a Coach Developer for the Coaching Association of Canada while actively coaching (Squash Canada Level 4 Coach) and sport psychology consulting (25+ World Champions).  He currently runs his consulting practice out of Northampton, MA and maintains his active coaching as the Assistant Squash Coach at Wesleyan University during the CSA squash season (Nov. 1 – Mar. 1).

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