Aerobic Training for Squash: A Case Study

June 14, 2009

There is no doubt that the aerobic system contributes greatly to squash performance at all levels.  Our players have to be aerobically fit at all levels of play – and playing squash is a great way to get aerobically fit.

What exactly should a squash coach do to increase their players aerobic fitness?  There are very few highly publicized guides to aerobic fitness programs for squash – and because of individual differences in a a players age, training background, current fitness, body type, susceptibility to injury, and psychological characteristics (motivation, tolerance for pain, etc.) there is no guarantee that “canned” aerobic programs of the type found in Runner’s World will work for our particular athlete.

I thought it would be useful for squash coaches to read a case study which involves prescribing an “off-season” aerobic training program for a squash player.  Rather than go into a detailed lecture and description, I will simply present the two e-mail communications that I had with the athlete (yesterday).  By following the rationale that I present to her, squash coaches can gain insight into the art of sport science program design.  Read the rest of this entry »