Tim Bacon’s Publications

Tim Bacon’s coaching and sport science publications. Since these are copyrighted materials you will need to observe “fair use” or obtain permission from the copyright holder who is usually the publisher or author. This usually means downloading one copy for personal study, with no photocopying or distribution.

  1. Periodization of Mental Training. 1987 Article for SPORTS subsequently adopted as the sport psychology chapter for the Coaching Association of Canada’s Level 3 Theory manual – and reprinted inn 2001 by Australian Squash Coach. Download here.
  2. Coaching the Entire Shot Cycle. Presentation with Gail Ramsay at 2002 USSRA Squash Coaching Conference. Awareness that squash is an “open” not “closed” sport, and that stroke technique is not the only factor that needs training. Download here.
  3. The Link Between Tactics, Sport Psychology & Perceptual Motor Skills. Presentation at 2003 Squash Canada Level 4 Advanced Tactics Course. In order to be a good “tactical” player, training in sport psychology is necessary. Download here.
  4. Optimal Coaching of Female Athletes. Presentation at the 2003 WSF Coaches conference in Cairo, Egypt with Shona Kerr. Coaches need to take female athletes’ communication and leadership preferences into account in order to ensure optimal development, cohesion and performance. Download here: Optimal Coaching Female Athletes
  5. Using Imagery to Support Advanced Tactics. Presentation at the 2005 Squash Canada Coaching Conference in Toronto, Canada. What to visualize to develop better “tactical” and thinking players. Download here.
  6. Periodization of Mental Training for Squash: A 20-Year Update. Presentation at the 2007 World Squash Federation Coaching Conference in Calgary, Canada. Improvements in the organization of an annual plan for mental training. Download here.

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